How to convert text from csv to json?

I have csv file in my app …

I can read it using file component and put the data in lists .

But now I need to convert the text I get from file to json so that to use the dictionary to create the lists …as it’s a fast option other than csv file …

Is there any way to do that?

Maybe convert csv to json before added to app with an online tool like

But is there any way to convert it with in the app? …
And does the file reads the json file?


Yes, please post a sample of your csv

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here are a smaple of my csv files used …
I want to use blocks to convert the text into json so to be used in the app in lists after that but using json not any thing else. …

thanks in advance

Yeap, here is the easiest and less painful method

  1. visit this page :arrow_right: CLICK HERE

  2. click the [script source is here]

  3. make a copy of the code

  4. deploy with your email account

  5. get the script url and add ?id=enter_your_sheet_id&sheet=enter_your_sheet_name

  6. you will see the json structure of your gsheet as bellow in opera like this

e1.txt (197.2 KB)

here is a sample of my csv file

Upload this json to assets and see if it works for you

e1.json (386.3 KB)

I think you can do something like this :
JsonRepresentation.aix (5.5 KB)

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