How to convert two dates to millis by using clock component?

I Have two dates
EX: 01/01/20 and 10/01/20
and i want compare these dates with
but getting error

Show what you did and what you are trying to achieve.

i tried this

That’s not correct. The date converted to a string is not a date anymore. It’s just a string for displaying it in a familiar way for our understanding.
When comparing dates, compare them in instants or in milliseconds. Do not format them.


And please don’t duplicate topics.

ltalo can you some example plzz

Here is your solution. Convert the dates to Instants (make instant block) then compare.


I don’t know if the instants by themselves can be compared without converting them to milliseconds, haven’t tried it yet, so try that if you want.


Thank you @Italo for Example

it works

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