How to correctly store and retrieve firebase storage URLs in firebase realtime database

hello, everyone. First of all, I know this was answered before more than once. I read the topics but still I couldn’t make it work. If someone can help me I will be very grateful.

These are my relevant blocks:
Saving the url in a variable:

Saving the URL in firebase realtime database:
Before using join block it was not working, so I searched in forum and it didn’t work either. Now that is how the url is being stored in real time database:


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No personal info on the community. I removed it.

You have to upload the Download URL without any Join Block.

When getting the URL you have to replace the " and \ with nothing, to get the right URL.

I only started to use the join block after seeing some tutorials here at the community.

I am already using the replace block to be able to make it work:
But when I use do it block within downloadUrl in the upload success block, I get the URL correctly, without " or \

But even if I can make it work I would like to know how to store it correctly. I don’t understand why these characters appears in firebase realtimedatabase

That’s a fault of Kodular.
Maybe it’s an Error from the 3 Years old SDK or because Text Variables are handled differently.

You can’t change that, sadly.

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Otherwise use web component


Ah ok, thanks for telling me. Now I know it is not a mistake of mine.

Hum, thanks for the tip but for the moment not necessary. But it is good to know it is possible. Feel free to close this thread if you think it is necessary.