How to count the dose?

Hi, so i want to make an application that can count drag dose. In this screen there are several checkboxes that contain patient’s diseases. I want to make, if the user is checked the box, so the app can count the dose with this formula:

dose x patient’s weight

and show the result in the next screen. Can anyone show me how the block is?

I will recommend you study more about the dosage because it does not only depend on the patient’s weight.

It may depend on the following:

  1. Age,
  2. Gender,
  3. Patient Condition,
  4. Patient Surface area,
  5. Dosage forms (Solid, Liquid,Semi-solid, etc.)
  6. Patient counselling should be done before giving any medicines.

For more you can visit: Dose Calculation Desired Over Have Formula Method - StatPearls - NCBI Bookshelf

yes, i know but i already have a consultation with the doctor and this app is just for the calculation.

So as example for better understanding… what is the dose for each of those diseases? Where do you store these data? What happens, if more than one checkbox is checked?

so if the checkbox is checked, in the next screen will appear the dosage result. for example i checked the chough checkbox then in the next screen will appear:

Cough: Ambroxol 15 mg

we can get the dosage from multiplying the dose/kg with the patient weight (the user will input patient weight manually in this screen). The user can checked multiple checkboxes.

ok, let me rephrase the question

what is the dose/kg for each of the diseases (cough, cold, fever, checken pox, ulcer, helminthiasis)?
are those 7 diseases all possible disesases of this app or are there more?
where do you store those dose/kg values?
the medicament always is Ambroxol for those 7 diseases?
for others there are other medicaments to be used? can there be a mix of different medicaments for one disease?

so let’s assume, for cough we have 0.2 doses/kg of Ambroxol and for fever we have 0.1 doses/kg of Ambroxol, both checkboxes have been checked and the patient does weigh 60kg, so we have 0.3 doses/kg x 60 = 18 doses

why not displaying it in the same screen?
see tip 1


so each diseases have their own medicaments with different dose.
No, so if we have 0.2 doses/kg of Ambroxol and for fever we have 0.1 doses/kg of Ambroxol, both checkboxes have been checked and the patient does weigh 60kg, so it will appear

  1. Cough
    Ambroxol 12 mg

  2. fever
    Ibuprofen 6 mg

i dont put it in the same screen because in the next screen there will be like patient’s record for the patient (like the name of the patient, address, age, etc.)

btw, i don’t know where to store the data :))

Use start value.

When user click button to go next screen just send all those selected check box dose* patient weight as a list

You forgot to tell us the total number of diseases…

You can store the data in a textfike in csv format and read it on first run of the app

The csv file contains 3 cokums: disease, medicament, dose/kg and looks lkike this


After reading the file, you convert the data into a list of lists using the list from csv table block


can you show how is the block arrangement please? :disappointed_relieved: i really have no idea how to arrange the block

what should i put in the start value? is it tiny DB?

Is it like this?

You created 3 single lists and ignored everything else I said earlier