How to create a auto call operator?

Hi, Im building an app for women protection for my college project. I want to add auto call operator where when it is triggered it calls 911 and text to voice system would state the issue. But the thing is when the text to voice activated and call is ongoing, the voice can’t be heard through mic and not sure how to solve it. Can get some ideas on how to solve this issue?

Here’s the sample i have been working on…

I’d try to send a pre-recorded message to 911, as they might not accept a TTS-generated voice. Or, instead of calling, send an SMS or use a data-based method to communicate the location and nature of the emergency.

If you’re set on making a call, look into whether your development platform allows you to manage audio channels or if there’s a way to ensure TTS plays over the call. It’s a bit tricky because the functionality you’re looking for is quite specific and not typically supported out of the box.


noted on that, then i have to use android studio for that i guess

Yeah, that would be a good move. There you’ve got more control to juggle the audio paths with something like the AudioManager class. And for the SMS part, try diving into the SmsManager API. It could be your golden ticket. Just a heads up, devices can be finicky with how they handle these features, so test, test, test!

To be honest I usually fiddle with android studio to create apps for projects since i have a small timeframe so that’s the main reason i opt with kodular for now.

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