How to create a dynamic button and add an if condition for each button

Hello, I want to know how to create a dynamic button and how to add an if condition automatically when click a button

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What you want to do on button press?

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You can use when any button click block u can find this in block section

I have a pre-made button1 and when I click it, it shows a notifier button to add a function. For example, if I tell on lights, it will go through an if condition to check if the function was light on or not. After checking, whenever I click it, will run a function.

But, I think this does not work for dynamic components.

just thinking does not work in logic
have u tried that
if not then how can u say that bru[

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first tell are u using dynamic component extension or kodular dynamic component

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I am using a kodular one not the extension.

I meant that it doesn’t work for the individual button inside a dynamic component made. It works for the Original component like Button1 and Button2. And I have 2 dynamic button(original) and they both have very different functions for my project.

if u are using kodular dynamic component then what is the problem


this block is available in dynamic button

I got the solution. I am saving the function in tinydb while creating a dynamic button and storing the function name as the value. When I click a button I call the function(The above image) and as the tag of the tiny db is the id, I am calling an if condition to check the value that if it is equal to ‘on the led’, It will on the led. And Thanks For Helping Me

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