How to create a editable billing layout?

how can i create a editable billing layout for a billing app and then create a pdf of the invoice?

May be this is useful :blush:

Nothing is told about the method of doing it.
Or i am not able to catch it.

(But it’s told how it’s not done, maybe we need to extract something from that.)


You can also try to , get the billing info > add it into a layout > export this layout as an image using this extension:


The layout you create outside the app, with HTML editor.
I did so :slightly_smiling_face:
File Component
FTP Component To upload the .php script to the server.
TCPDF library on the server
Web Component To run the PHP script on the server.
Within the script.php on the smartphone I do the substitution of the variables.

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thats a lot for me, i dont know php, can anyone help me?

i need to create the layout first and it should also be dynamic, thats why i need a little bit of help…

its easy i can do it even totaly as it…

Unlike the other method, this method is not easy. However, it is not difficult
The PHP file contains the commands that design the budget layout (you do it with HTML and CSS), the commands tô generate PDF and the dynamic fields. These fields, of course, will be your app’s values. They will be exchanged: # Budget_Number # will be exchanged for the text property value of a text box (for example), # clientname # will be exchanged for a text from a textbox … And this file will be sent to be executed on the server where the PHP library is located that generates PDF. Return, Got Response is an application / pdf.

Can you help me please?