How to create a global list of empty lists?

Can I create a global list with empty lists? just to fill them later

instead of all these blocks

You have to intialize list with empty to fill it later

ok I know >> i need to know

is it possible to intialize a big list that contains empty lists to fill them later? … if so how to create it?

Are you saying that store all global lists to a main list?

yes exactly … sorry that I couldn’t express that

I think its not possible. Wait for more reply

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I can’t see the image either.

i can’t see the images

Oh no. Ok, I’ll just tell you.

initialize global “alltogether” to: make a list * create emty list * create emty list…

Then, use

add items to list list: select list item list “alltgether” index (e.g.) 2 item: youritem
set global “another variable” to select list item list “alltogether” index 2

I know, hard to understand, but hope it helped. Have some problems with images now…

is that what you want?

But i dont understand the last block, why there’s another variable?

It’s for function part, to

What I mean is … Can we create a list of lists contains 10 lists without using “initialize global” for every list in the 10 lists except the master list

see the last answer by @WatermelonIce


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