How To Create Multiple Dependent Lists [create sub list of sub list]?

How to create list of list

condition is : But it is not fixed how many lists of sub lists there are

  1. Select main list item 1 on index 1 then show sub list 1, and when click sub list 1 of index 1 then show sub list 2 and continue … last final get item list

  2. if main list have not sub list then show item list (but remember condition of sub list as above)

If you are going to create a guide or provide this kind of advice, it should be clear and easy to understand. You should also provide an example with screenshots of the UI, blocks, and final output.

It’s better to save data to a dictionary rather than a list

@deanart2012 it is not guide. it is a query or question to community

@Kevinkun How to do that …

Well you should make it clear you are asking a question. Queries and questions have a question mark (?) in them.

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Some blocks that show one way to do it with lists:

@Kevinkun i don’t under stand. plz share blocks

Maybe as deanart2012 said, explain more what you want and why to do that.

i create a mock test app and there are many topic. main topic have many sub topics but some topic have more topic and some not have sub list