How to create a Gps Map App?

Hi, i need some help in the development of an application that i need to do, the idea of ​​the application is that it is a map that by clicking you can save a location also that the application can know the current location of the user.

Im using the Kodular Map

You can do this easily using Google maps component and tiny db.

But when i use Google maps the map dont show in the Companion.

You have to use your own Google Maps Api Key

Yes, you have to use Google maps api key as mentioned by @dora_paz

I am using my own api key but google maps still does not work in companion. It is all right when I install the apk file on the phone.
Is there any way that with my own api key I can check google maps in companion?? It is very annoying to have to download the app every time I make a change to see the effect of the change.