How to create a Half cardview

Hi all,
I know there is a guide to create this and I just have seen it once but I can’t find it now… I want to create the cardview like this… Can someone share this guide

Maybe this can help you

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This is exactly what I wanted… I have been searching for this guide… Thank you so much

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Next time, do a search before asking.


I searched in the community but searched using cardview word so maybe i didn’t get it but next time I’ll do a proper check

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Bit how can i add colors like when one side is clicked the color changes of the other as when i change color the rounded corners remain white

set bgcolour of tb1 to green
set bgcolour of tb2 to white
set bgcolour of tb1 to white
set bgcolour of tb2 to green

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But the round corners will remain white only the horizontal arrangement color will changr

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