How to create a list from label?

Hello everybody!
So as the title says, I want to convert label to a list.
This is one item of a list.
I want all the texts in <> to be included in a list
Item 1= nm.[],nm pf.[],pf mbd.[],mbd
Item 2= nm.[],nm pf.[],pf mbd.[],mbd
…and so on


Thanks in advance!

why don’t you use list view component? but that depends on the amount of label data you wanna show in a list. If it’s small you can just design a simple layout or else if the data is more and want to show dynamically you can use dynamics components.

Umm well I don’t think we can use listview to convert label to list


I am not understanding your problem :expressionless:

This is the text:

From this, I want to make a list with elements:

In simple words, I want to get all the values within <> and add them in list

Okay i will try ,

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Hey @Manbir is this isnt possible using Kodular’s Component. If not then i will make a custom extension for you.

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Try Using Split Text,

Text - Label Text
At - ><

I was actually making an extension for him. :sweat_smile:
My time wasted :thinking: :expressionless:?
@ADDYLIN @Manbir



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:cold_face: :cold_face:
I had little knowledge about Yailist but after this post I searched on community and found more about Yailist, I made an extension then, and its working too :sweat_smile: going to share this extension here for him and found that Addylin already had solved it.

RIP My Extension:



You can @theanonymous
Probably it might help some other ones.
And thanks a lot for the gift :kissing_smiling_eyes:

And thank you too @ADDYLIN

Only one question.
Will it return a list?
(Bcoz I can’t test it right now)

EDIT: I remember in my previous app, @Mohamed_Tamer said it returns a list. :nerd_face:


Yes it will return a list


I tried your method.

split text:
<nm.manbir,nm pf.,pf mbd.abcd manbir,mbd> <nm.manbir11,nm pf.,pf mbd.abcd manbir1,mbd>
at= ><

and it returns a list wit only 1 item: ()

while it should return two items:
Item 1: nm.manbir,nm pf.,pf mbd.abcd manbir,mbd
Item 2: nm.manbir1,nm pf.,pf mbd.abcd manbir1,mbd

@theanonymous Can you please share your extension?

@manbir I literally have deleted that code and all my pc non-important files today. I will again start from scratch and make it for you.

can you please reply me with an easy looking ,somethinhg like with Item1: a,b,c like that… :sweat_smile:

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Label: <a><b>
Item 1: <a>
Item 2: <b>

The maximum I am able to reach is:

Here getPost is <a><b><c>
but, the list (global list_of_comments) has only one item: (a b c)

Then i was making a wrong extension yesterday. Check my PM

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@Manbir Check my messages …

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