How to create a loading screen?

Hi, can you tell me how to put a loading screen from a ready screen? I tried to change the screens but I didn’t succeed, and I don’t know how to put a screen black or more animated, when someone starts the app, to load my application; I saw that there are topics already active, but no one explains how to program it. Thanks

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Maybe you can try this:

create a llloading btn
and then ggive some codinggg
try usingg phase animations too

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thank you!

Thank u, i am going to try

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sorry guys, it doesn’t work, and also i’m not good to programm to zero…Are there codes maybe like tutorials?

you can use lottie, or the notifier component. depends on how you want to view it, both solutions are suitable for the purpose. Tell me if work.

alternatively, if you just want a loading screen or your logo to appear at app start, first create the screen with the animations, (lottie, videos etc.) (The first screen, screen1, is suitable for this) and add the “clock” component. you can set a timer in milliseconds in the properties, and when it expires, another screen opens. you just need to know how to use blocks well

hit the “solution” button if that was helpful :blush:

No I have already tried to create a new screen, but the new screen should be the Screen1, and i can’t recreate e new app or change the screens in in zip because it doesn’t work

And if i put a link to load the new loading screen whiule you are in screen1, it load the new screen for ever :frowning:

What do you mean by " It load new screen Forever?"

just add the clock component and set a countdown, which starts at screen initialization, and which opens another screen when it expires.

Yes, but then when Screen1 initiliase, this re open the loading screen like a loop