How to Create Lottie animation json With your own design

Here is the step by step guide for making of your own Lottie animation json With your own design

Step 1
You need 2 type of application of your choice
In my case I am making in Mobile so I prefer

Pixel lab

Image editing and to create layers for animation


To create animated video using images and layers

Step 2

Create Image, Logo, layers which is required for your animation

Step 3

Import all required items to kinemaster to create animated video and set animation according your need

Step 4

*Export video

Step 5

Go to

Video to Lottie / Forrest Oliphant / Observable

Upload video

Change frame count

Press Encode

Then You get something like this and a JSON Download JSON

Step 6
Go to Lottie website

Checkout image to proceed ahead

Upload your JSON

==Customize details keep frame rate minimum 10 FPS ==

Download edited JSON / Download even if not edited

Then downloaded JSON from Lottie can be used in kodular with Lottie component

*Note - Video which you will export from kinemaster should not exceed the size of 3mb and don’t increase frame count too much while converting video to JSON because that can increase the size of JSON which will not be good .


Amazing One!! :heart_eyes:

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Sorry, in my experience 320px-Figma-logo.svg figma and images (1) after affects is best for making lottie animations then pixellab and kinemaster.


Whatever you want just use it to get your results as I said I made it by my mobile so i mentioned what apps I used in my mobile

Nice guide @CJcorp


I thank you wholeheartedly that you told this.

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Really helpfull guide

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Thanks @nikzdreamer2001 @Vedang @ashishthakoor58 @msr79526

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