Splash screen design

#off topic
well this is off topic
but still i wanna see that how can you create splash screen
i mean splash screen designing
i want to see what is the best splash screen
i am trying to make meditation app pls help me with good splash screen design :sweat_smile:

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And what did you search yourself? I guess you tried Google. There are many links related to splash screen designing.

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my topic is meditation splash screen design understand it as challenge

You don’t mention that anywhere. What you posted looks like a question not a challenge. You even have tags that says question and howto. I unlist this until you edit your first post with more information.

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I changed your category. It seems you need something made for you.

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i want good designs for a meditation apps
u can also tell me related searches

this is how i created

PLS tell is it gut

  • amazing
  • bad do changes
  • ok

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custom view animation=fading circle

Search in community you will get meny UI design ideas for your app

Some of the meny topics

And so on

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can we add or delete something from my screen it will be useful

do kodular has any components to design splash screen
pls tell am i right

ok done now :smiley:

yes right i will see it

Splash screen illustration by Pawel Olek on Dribbble & Illustrations | unDraw

There’s a better example.