What you use in splash screen

This is good ides.

Don’t use it as Lottie animation is always on running it causes crash problems in some devices.

I don’t recommend.

A text logo will be better or app icon.

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Logo and text with some animation by phase.


I made this Lottie animation for my app


This can be done easily with animatiom utilites

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But i like phase very much. Actully first time i used phase yesterday.

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Made this using animation utilities :grin:


Currently only two but made by same way Lottie animation

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Does Lottie animation not able to display as full screen

@themaayur for you


Nice :+1: :100:

But it’s not playing on full screen

@themaayur You can download this json animation

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Got solutions for Full screen animation by Lottie json

How to make Lottie animations?
Which software/application should I use?

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I think you want to convert a gif to json Convert GIF to JSON / GIF to JSON converter online & free — pdfmall.com

After that use it as source in lootie animations

I will test it later after that i will create a #guides about it

As we see in Lottie files website
We can customize layer colors
How is it possible with GIF
There may be some software applications to create Lottie

I use Animated lottie jason or sometimes Animated app icon.

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Ok I will make a Guide for that


The Guide for Lottie animation is here checkout