How to create a qibla direction app

How to create a qibla direction app ??
Anyone can help me???

Use taifun’s guide to point to the Kaaba position …Set the latitude and the longitude to the latitude and longitude of The Kaaba…
Coordinates of Kaaba:
Latitude : 21.422487
Longitude : 39.826206

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This is from a topic by @SteveJG on Google Groups;
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Attached mecca.aia file is a version of Taifun’s waypoint code. This version of the app works correctly to find ‘Mecca’ مكة المكرمة from my location; it provides a correct bearing and the orange arrow points there. You need to wait a few seconds for the LocationSensor to stabilize after the app is initialized.

1- Please walk away from you computer screen and other magnetic objects when you test.
2- Make sure you have your GPS turned on in your Android’s Settings menu.

Using this aia you can find Qibla Direction from your Location.


Tested on :kodular:
mecca.aia (31.0 KB)