How to create a sub menu?

Kodular community friends
how to create a sub menu for my menu created with side menu layout? .
thanks for helping this kodular beginner

translate…google :wink:

If you are asking for help set topic to discussion not koded Apps

For now I am changing it but remember for next time onwards

And use search feature of kodular you will find the answer

And if don’t get it then show the blocks what have you tried yet you will definitely get relevant answers

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Create a custom Menu bar.

This might help:

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I could get here but I don’t realize how to continue

only the menu, but I don’t know how to make the sub menu, articles within a product

I’m sorry it was from another discussion

please do not post duplicates of the same question
thank you
I now merged the 2 threads


You don’t have search correctly else you have some knowledge that it can be done with custome side menu which you can create according to your need

For an example go through the topic completely you definitely get some knowledge to how to do it

And don’t try to tag the topic creator because he is banned

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thanks to you