I am creating a app with sidebar layout

hey everyone,
i am creating a app with sidebar layout but there is no option to show sidebar or hide sidebar.

on action bar i need a 3 line sidebar button.
how to can i do when i click on 3 line button then it will show sidebar

Check Again.

sorry i did’t understand

Kodular have Side Menu component.
That’s what you need.

no, i am talking about

You can make Custom Side Bar.

how can i create this

You Need Side Menu Like Play Store -

so what i said was correct
use this component to make it

and for that 3 line use a Button and in button add that image
and when image click open side menu

but there is not component to open the sidebar

Go to Blocks Section.
Click on Screen1.
Scroll Down.
There you will find it.

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thanks ADDYLIN