How To Create "Add To Cart" Option In Delivery App

Hey Guys …I Am Trying To Create A Delivery App…So I Was Added List View With Button…But I Don’t Know…When Button Clicks How It’s Add To My Cart …I Think You Understand My Problem Plz Help Me Here Are Give Me Other Best Solution…?


You can easily achieve this by variable.
Edit: Everyone down there is right. I shouldn’t just giving out fish.


When add to cart button clicked store in tiny db all the info you want about the item such as price,name etc… And when you open the cart page it gets the information from tiny db using the get value block and displaying it as u want


Are you using online database ?

@WatermelonIce please its a humble request, don’t share the blocks directly, tell him procedure how to do and let user face errors, so they can understand better
Do like @Mohamed_Tamer did


This is excellent advice. It’s better to help people figure things out for themselves. They will learn so much more that way. If they’ve genuinely tried everything and just can’t get something to work then you should share the blocks.

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I like to follow this way of teaching :
Try to teach how to fish, instead of giving the fish …


@Mr.Arshad.In I recommend u another way
U should have a specific id fir every product and under this id all the specs of that particular product are stored either in your tiny db or in your online database ( i prefer online database and mysql database )
And when a yser clicks on ad cart button in your product info list
Then just store that id in a variable named cart
And also store that value in your database with the product id and user id
Now when the user clicks on cart button u can call his id and priduct id and from product id u can get all the info of that product

Try this method
U can have tables in database like
If your are working offline then
U must have tags in tiny db

As such apps always have a database so u should use tables method as i mentioned instead of just tiny db

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Thank You So Much I’m Trying To Do It… I’m New Here So I;m Very Confused In Blocks.

Thank You So Much I’m Trying To Do It… I’m New Here So I;m Very Confused In Blocks…

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Don’t worry @Mr.Arshad.In try your best wherever you got stuck we are here to help you but trying yourself is necessary and is the core value of this comunity :heart::+1:

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Thanks For Your Great Support…My Dear Friend…

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haa Yes i am using airtable plz help me

Hey, I am Using Here Database Airtable and custom Listview …I’m Yet Not Getting Any Idea About This… Plz, Help Me …when Button Click The particular Listview Wants To Add At Another screen…

I can help you with Firebase… Airtable is not my cup of tea…

You can Store Data In Form Like
While Loading data From Airtable Replace CART:- with Empty String and use Split at <<:>> from List to Get Item list and If You want then You can Remove that 0 too By Using Remove item from list block.

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When you are a newcomer, I think you shouldn’t think about flying before you learn to walk. You should learn from simple self-study like me. It’s been more than 1 year before you learn how to simply build. Individuals need to learn to grow~ :crazy_face:


Help Me Here…I Try Lot , But I Can’t …

in One of my Projects i made
“Long Press To Add in Favourite”
if you want i can give you that .aia for Reference.

Yes Friend Need Your Help And Your Aia For Reference…Plz Send Me…