How to create Admin app

How to create Admin app And show all user data (name+Number+image) in collintree list view with using firebase database

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Very simple . Why don’t you search in community? How far did you try, show it . Remaining part we will help you to complete…
You can search like, how to get firebase data in colintree


I have tried but …

… where have you been stuck?

That’s good. Now show us where did get problem… plenty of experts are there in firebase, easily you will get solution…

How to show this data in collintree list view ?
I don’t know how to set block

Do you want to show all the user details in Colin tree?

Yes I want to show all user details (image(number+name)

Please tell me

wait for few min, working on it…

Okk I am waiting

Hlw I’m waiting

I had personal work, here is the blocks…
I have given you very simple blocks. You can modify it according to your needs…

Block section

App response

FireDB structure:

Aia file:
fireDBinCollinTree1.aia (83.6 KB)

Components used:

Use you fireDB url and token

Do not use project bucket in the designer mode, if you do then you need to change the blocks

Thank you so much It’s work

But I have one more question my Firebese user details is(image +Name+Number+payment+Class)but I want to show only three (image+name+number)in collintree list view so please help me

The above code will give you or extract only three values. I used only three values so taken all. If multiple items there then you just change the select item from list.

Instead of colintree set get global final list block , you use one label.text to get global final list . And adjust the select item from list in such way what you decided to show.

How to get only three item (image+name+number)
I have created payments bucket to store user payment details.but I want show only three item in list view

i have retrieved three values from the firebase and according to my order i changed the index number. Likewise you too try changing the index number alone

Change the number in the marked places of the given image below.

Now you change the second index number as per your requirement

If you got your answer, mark the post as solution. I am going to attend a meeting. So if any query i will solve later… Be posted…