How to Create an App for Stitching Multiple Images Together?

Good morning everyone,

By any chance, does anyone know of any documentation, extension, tutorial, or anything that would allow me to create an app that can “stitch” multiple images together to produce a larger one? It’s somewhat similar to creating a panoramic image. The process is somewhat like this:

But in the end, the image needs to be flat and not actually 360 degrees. The images should not be redundant; the final image should be an extension of the base image. For example, if I photograph a portion of my table, I would continue taking photos of the table until the entire table is captured.
Since I don’t know where to start, any information you can provide would be helpful.

I searched everywhere, both on Google and within your community, but I haven’t found anything. Thanks in advance.

I think, there is no such extension available

Did you search the extensions directory?

Also you could search for am API, which offers uploading some photos and returning the result


Yes, that’s correct. When you refer to API, you’re essentially talking about leveraging an existing solution developed by someone else to get the specific functionality you need. This allows you to directly receive the processed output without having to deal with unnecessary complications. Regarding some extensions, I have already tried, but nothing worked. Maybe because I’m not experienced and don’t know the proper terminology, my research on this topic is very limited. I think I will rely on some external services. My concern is that if that external service stops working, my app would stop working from one day to the next. That’s why I wanted to create something offline.