How to create an app that can only be signed up by a targeted group?

I am creating an app to record the attendance of school children. Also, this app will be published in the play store but only the teachers of the relevant school can sign up here. I am using firebase to create this app. Do you have any solution for signing up?

You have to tell us more about your checking logic. How do u want to check if a user is a teacher? You can make accounts manually with the help of login with email method. You can let every user to signup and then manually change users permission.

If u want to do it automatically and unhackable with database of attendance placed on firebase you have to create your own server with firebase API and checking logic which would create custom tokens and send them back to your app.

I suggest you by email you can create that secure method you just allow listed gmail persons to sign in

You must have your teachers in the database. Encrypt their password. Create a number for each teacher in your database. Make your apk available on the school website. Also keep information if the teacher is active or inactive at school.

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