How To Create Animated Progress Without Extension

Hello Koders In This Tutorial I Will Show You How To Make A Animated Progressbar Without Extension. Have A Good Day

Components Requires :-

use second cardview in 1st cardview

Cardview 1 Properties :-

Cardview 2 Properties :-

Blocks Used

blocks (5)

I have used slider to set cardview 2 width


(sorry for background audio)

APK Link

progress.apk (5.0 MB)


Very helpful
U r creating really helpful and amazing guides keep up the good work :heart:

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thank you very much friend

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Nice Guide :v::v::tada:

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Thanks @themaayur

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I have found a bug for you…
What about this :grin:

It is not responsive.
the height is in pixels not in percents

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Just a Suggestion
Try to make it responsive, if anyone implement this in their app then it may spoil the UI.

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Hmm, Yes You Are Right. I will do it

Wonderful work!

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Wonderful Guide

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Thank You Very Much @Soham_Shah and @rizu

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This Is Getting #off-topic PM Me

I did Something new using this logic

blocks (7)

Thanks @Soham_Shah For Your Suggestion

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Nice guide :partying_face: :partying_face: @Vedang

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Thank You Very Much @Xoma

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I have a question:
Should you set the slider max value to card view_1.width? Just curious :thinking:

Why did you choose to flag his post in the first place and now you are thanking him for the suggestion… :thinking:


he changed his mind maybe?
ok this is off topic too. you may flag me now