How to create app to show permissions granted to any app

I want to make an app which shows every app and when the user selects the desired app he/she can check the permission taken by the app.
Hope if someone gets an idea.

There is an app called “Settings” for this. Its installed on every Android device


lol, i know it bro
but still there are various users who cant get that much deep in settings, just wanted a simple way for them and to provide them their privacy more conveniently

Its not that deep either. Its just two steps I think
Settings > Apps settings
And then you have list of apps which are on your device.
Then just clicking any app, you will get all its detail

but in some typical UI (designed by mobile manufacturers) it is deep . they show a lot of other stuff in app setting before showing them permissions

Users bothered with permissions will know where to find them. If a user doesn’t know where to access app permissions, chances are they don’t really know what they’re doing. :slight_smile:

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exactly, people do not bother for permissions but they must as a privacy concern thats why i want to build this application
plz help with an idea

I think you missed the point. If someone has a privacy concern, odds are they know how to find permissions, or at least know how to search it up online.

I think i will not get any idea , right??

I think we already gave you the idea. Don’t make an app to view app permissions. :slight_smile:

but why???

Read whatever all of us said in the whole thread.

every phone has browser , scanner and other tools but still there are many on the web, then what’s the problem with my app idea

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Every phone has a settings app, that conveniently does what you intend to do, and more. :man_shrugging:

every phone also has browser scanner, calculator etc

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Your idea is not bad, still people loves to use their default “Settings” app.

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ok :pensive:

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It can be a great idea if you show extra features like risky features etc etc. If some apps use sensitive information show it to the user etc then your idea is really good

don’t lose your dreams, just focus on what people like, also practice more. i hope to see you make great apps with :kodular:.

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