How to create Chart?

I am trying to create chart in my app.

I have searched in google, community and got lot of links. I have tried all the links but didn’t get the solution.

Can anyone help me here to create chart?

Did you really search?

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I have tried that but there is some error pooping up.

For your reference I have attached the screenshot


That is not enough info. Please post relevant blocks.

I have imported the aia file from that link ChartMakerExample.aia (11.5 KB)

And it doesnt work?

Yes some error link method is missing

Show us your blocks cause the above aia when tested with companion in my phone shows no error

blocks (14)

blocks (12) blocks (11)

I haven’t changed anything from that AIA file

Is there anything wrong from my side?

The above aia do not match with this blocks you posted. Where did you get the aia ? I see that you are receiving data from a spreadsheet. Do you receive data correctly ? Cause the message is about drawgraphbar and maybe global variables are not working. Use do it to debug your blocks


testing.aia (28.9 KB)

I have attached my project, here I can’t see the chart at all. What mistake I have made?

Replace in types a and b with string and number

blocks (15)
After changing also noting is displayed.

Here is another chart extension:
No internet permission needed.

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I am able to see the chart but it is too small.

How I can adjust the size and position?

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The extension is not downloading.

thank you and fixed.

Hi Kevin can you tell something about your extension. I can not translate your webpage. And maybe post some screenshots of actual charts.

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