How to create companion like kodular

Is it possible to create a companion like kodular from kodular?
If you can any one tell me how?
I haven’t done anything yet cause I have no idea how I can create one so really need help…

For what site you want to make companion?
And no it is not possible because companion app is made from android studio. So you can’t make companion app in kodular. Because it loads .jar and much types of files which is not supported in kodular.


Really, but I heard somewhere that it is made in kodular :thinking:
I can’t find that post.

I appreciate your answer @themaayur if it’s made in kodular so it’s made by professionals and it required much extension my opinion . Okay as you are beta koder so you suggested correct answer as compared to me :slightly_smiling_face:

@Yash_Agarwal_376 I got it


See this

Nope it’s is Created With Kodular



really :joy: :joy:

we should post some api parameters and get result in N
N = Don’t know