How to create complexe quiz

Hi all!

I want to create a Quiz with a lot of questions with kodular.

For example.
80 questions with some options to answer, for example 4. If you try answer 1 it will agree 1 point to results category “a”, if you try answer 3 it will agree 3 points to category “a”.
In other question you will add points to category “b”.
At the end you can see the result like “A=50, B=20…”.

I don’t want that you do my work, I answer if there are any guides that can help me with this task. I searched by I don’t found guides to make complexe quiz. All help will be great :smiley:

Thanks and sorry for my bad english!

Can you be more specific? Any examples?

What do you get when you enter “Quiz” in the searchbar?

There are a lot of ideas of quiz but I can’t found the one that I’m looking for. I can’t found someone who take the results about the answers.

One example what I want to made:

I love to go the beach.

  • Totally agree (+2)
  • Agree (+1)
  • Disagree (-1)
  • Totally disagree (-2).

And at the final one button can show the result and the interpretation. How to do it?

Now I have my blocks for the Questions (“Preguntes”) and the multiple option (A/B/C/D).

How can I make that all the options agree a puntuation to the result when clicked?