How To Create Confirmations OTPs With Firebase Help Me Here

Hey Respected Koders

Can Anyone Help Me Here

We Created a bike service app in that when user need book a service I need to verifity user mobile number So I Need To Send OTPs To User

Can Anyone Help Here How to create or send a OTPs using firebase or others

Here are the blocks. You’ll need the Firebase Auth component to use them.

More info about Firebase Auth here :point_down:t3:

(With the free plan, you can send 10.000 SMS each month)

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Thank Koder But I Already Make A Sign In / Sign Up Method With Gmail

But I Need Only To Verifity Phone Number Not To Phone Sign In

I know. But the “Login with Phone” block, means that, if the phone isn’t verified, it will send it an OTP code to verify it

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yes I Understand Word Koder

User Already Sign Up With His Gmail Id Or Else

The User Book Service With His Moblie Number I Need To Just Verify His Number For Confrimation

But When We Use Phone Sign In Block It Create A New Account Again In Firebase
I Need Only To Verify The Number Not To Sign In

I Hope You Understand

Its Not Possible With Firebase Authentication.

You Need To Buy Paid SMS And Implement In Your App Using POST Method.

Do You Mean Bluk SMSs

Many SMS Provider Give Paid SMS As Your Requirements.