How to create daily task or a button which activates only 1 time per hour

hello, im working on kodular for a few months now and im ready to build my own app but i have a small problem, i need a timer which cannot be hacked (using lucky patcher or by changing the timer on the phone) and which will keep continuing even when the app is closed, for daily task and daily bonuses. i have tried so many extentions and even tried different methods like using timestamp (which didnt work) so can you please help me out, from over a month im stuck in this problem and everthing else is ready! thanks :slight_smile:


Can I know what kind of app are you trying to build?

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Earning app is not allowed in the community so your app will never be monetized if you are developing Earning application.

If you are not making earning application then you can use it :
Secured Countdown Extension v2.0 [PAID] - Extensions - Kodular Community


it is a games app, but this kind of event can be put into any apps, for eg: daily login - if a user logs into the app for a week in a streak he gets points. or it can be free coins/points every 1 hr which the user can claim and then the timer will start again and after 1 hr he/she can claim it again.

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There is also a free extension for that​:sweat_smile:


thank you will try

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its " thank you, will try" meaning thanks for the advice, i will try!

if Sumit’s answer is solution then tick Solution. @lexi_davis


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