How to Create Dental Charting App?

I’m making an app that can record all dental treatment. I have a few questions. Look at the video first:

As you can see, the teeth can be clicked (more than one teeth) and it will be recorded. How should I do it? Upload a picture of teeth? or what? Please help me.

With database + logic + Kodular blocks

What part of the application have you already done?

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Nothing yet. I just wondering how to make the teeth image clickable and when clicked, it changes colour. About the database and blocks maybe I can do it.

Image Component


Boolean Default: False :heavy_minus_sign: Read Write - Designer Blocks

Set the component clickable or not clickable.

I mean, how you can upload the picture?

I want to use this chart, how u want to select only one part of the box (e.g. box 15) or more than one part (e.g. box 14)? Is there any way to upload the boxes?

I want to make the same app like the video I posted above but with different chart. I will be using the boxes chart. Yes, the dentist can mark 4-5 possible areas. So how do you upload and combine the image of one box that consist of 4 or 5 areas. So we can click any area that we want

So the one box contains multiple other boxes with different selection? That is many works to do haha

Do you ahve all images? as png or web images(i mean url)?

I feel you can create more images by using dynamic component extension ,once age group is selected you can set rules to show which category of images…

refer How to make a list of images as a grid - #23 by Still-learning

It was a suggestion… there are others and it depends on the effort and work.
Good quality software and applications are made with hard work.
Or hire a developer.:+1:


@Still-learning @Rogerio_Rios

This is my images…either i can upload like this and combine them altogether, so when the user clicked on it, I can make it change colour using colour function in the block…I think it’s easier


or I have to upload all the possibilities like this:

If the first option cannot be done, I think I have to do the 2nd option. And can you explain more about dynamic component extension?

Yes, the best way is to create a dynamic component. You must learn the basics of components and then make your application


okay I’ll try thanks

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Hi. can you show me how it can be done? Because I have done searching all over the internet and still didn’t know how to do it

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