How to make a list of images as a grid

I have about 50 pictures, is there any way to add 50 pictures at a time

it was faulty

Yes , it is there a simple way
if you have named all of your images as number then try like this, and add it in screen initi block (1st block)


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I think it has many problems: Images, click on images, information of each image. I will have to find out more. Thank you
help me:
DynaGridViewHelp.aia (75.6 KB)

Is it look like ?

DynamicGridView.apk (5.4 MB)

DynaGridView(2).aia (30.6 KB)

I saw your excel file but there items are not arranged in reabble/proper way… you will get error upon clicking any items… make use of this method… you no need to upload the images into gdrive… you can take the link directly from the site and use it in excel as how i tried…

Is this what you looking alike? test and let me know

I want to add some of my own pictures, so I use Drive
Some images do not need information, I leave the box blank

oh , ok ok then… Did you see my gsheet? Just create info like this and your app will give correct values… Use this aia… you will succeed…

update your content in gsheet like my sheet. i have added 29 images only so i added the number 29. you can change that too


I’m having this problem:
infomation.aia (4.1 KB)
my file works on button 1 , but button 2 3 4 doesn’t work.

Can you help me please?

actually what you are trying to get? you want each value in the label? Is all the links are differe or same?

i got it wait…

It worked on button1, but button2 is fault

infomation.aia (4.8 KB)
Try this, I am unable to test it as companion not connecting

Button 5 and 6 didn’t add I’d, pls make a note

Let me try your file

Thank you so much!
I see that your way is great.

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You can use this method also, with even more simple blocks…

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I’m also thinking of making a common way for button clicks

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then you can use the above method , if needed you can add modifications without changing the pattern :relieved:

I can’t find “WHen any button Click” , I type in the search bar and I get " When any button Touch up"

Right click on Button1.Click(any button that you have) block then press Make Generic and you will get it​:wink:. Or you can expand the Any Component item menu you will get there these blocks.

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