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hey koders! I want to ask if there is a method to add any images browsing service in the app and show this like grid by dynamic components like in these photos ,please if there is a method tell me how to do this method

Read this you can make grid view images like this.

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Ok that is benefit but I mean to get list of images URIs from web by searching in textbox and show them in grid like this
And you can click on the image if you want to download it

You can make two columns first for title and another for link
Then make grid view with images as above guide
Then show images
When any image click download it
For search see below

Instead of using listview use dynamic extension when any card click get index and then download it

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Ok thank you @Tips_and_Tricks_Generator very much that is very useful .
I already can create gird view but the question is how to get images that related to the text in the textbox like browser from Google server or bing server and show this list of urls of images as grid .
My aim is to how to get list of urls of images from Google or bing server not how to creat grid .
The service that I want looks like in "Telegram app " like in photo that I post in the first of this discussion
And thanks for all

Read this, I hope you will get your answer with this post.

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Thank you @Tips_and_Tricks_Generator very much that is exactly what I want.

Ok then mark the post where you get the answer. Other also can get they answer

See also here:


@TimAi2 thank you very much that is very helpful.