Requesting simple example of Grid View component usage

Dear “Koders”,

I’m new to Kodular and the whole concept. Have been going through whole lot of tutorials and community topics. Can anyone please guide me (and others looking for it) on the basic usage of the GridView component? There doesn’t seem to be a simple example.

Let me ask a basic example: Can I add some 6 static images in a 3x2 GridView component? I am not able to edit a GridView’s propeties; nor dropping an image into it. May be I am missing something basic?

Thanks for your time and help.


Now you can search in community

But first two guides r useless. Don’t share to anyone. It shows only apk without any idea for the help seekers. But third one will help them. So pls don’t share the first two links

Yes, there is answer in our community. Plenty of ways are there to create 3×2 or 2×3 or any number × any number dynamic card creation .

If you are unable to find pls let us know

Apologies if my request wasn’t clear. I wasn’t asking on how to create a grid. I was asking how to use the in-built “Grid View” layout. Can that be used to create a grid of static images, for example?

Ok, here it is… this is 3*2

this is 2*3

simple man, but blocks are same for both

depending upon number of colum/row will be created as per the number of colum you selected

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That’s awesome and exactly what I was looking for! Thank you. I will try it out.

also you can resize the each size of the images in this way. You can use any number instead of 50


Cool thank you!

Thanks for your Alert I removed it

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