Grid view Layout

There is no grid view layout in which u can add component by rows and colums

Hi @annaschawdhary157,
Actually we have 2 and not only one!
Table Arrangement - Kodular Docs
Grid View - Kodular Docs


HOW we can add 2 colums data in those tables… Like card image etc

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Yes you can add any component you want in any one of them :wink:

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In gird view layout only text we can add… I want to add an card which containing pic, label, button etc

What about trying the table layout
You can add any component in.

I can create with dynamic componenets… But its becomes complicated when connect with firebase remove, add, edit data etc

so you can see here

That should do what you want to make and with dynamic components.
Edit : updated the link. Thanks @Vaibhav

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@Mohamed_Tamer The link you provided above isn’t working. So here :point_down: is the same

@annaschawdhary157 You can customize this :point_up: according to your own needs

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in table layout… I selected 2 row and 2 colums but its not work…

Can you show your blocks.
Also you can use better dynamic Option:

I checked out it before… My point of view is that a simple aranagemnt which automaticly arrange data in given row and coloums

So can you tell why it isn’t work?