How to get such a grid like arrangement using dynamic components? screen shot attached for reference

I want a grid like arrangement as shown in the screen shot, but unable to figure out how can I get it using dynamic components? From what I understand this person has used card and labels separately, so they are using multiple vertical arrangement.

Do I have to use dynamic component extension to get this done? or it can be get done with dynamic component kodular.

If I have to refer dynamic component extension, then can you please share an aia file, so that we understand how to use it, I had asked for aia file in community the link they shared had aia files of kodular dynamic component, and not the extension. so if I have to use the extension to achieve this, it would be appreciated if you could share aia file of the usage of extension.

Thanks in advance.

what you have tried yet?

Look here :point_down:

And here :point_down:

I used 1 vertical horizontal, and then multiple horizontal arrangements. secondly I tried using 1 vertical scroll, 1 horizontal and three vertical arrangements ( in this i was unable to load and filter the copmonents properly.

In either I couldnt figure out how to add label outside the card, they way it has been shown in screen shot.