Arrange Dynamic Labels Horizontally inside Dynamic Card View


I am trying to arrange dynamic labels to be side by side horizontally as shown in this illustration:


When I use the Create Label block, it adds it above each other.

From image(sketch) above, in your dynamic card view, create a horizontal arrangement.
And in that horizontal arrangement create the labels.

This will arrange labels according to your need.

Also, Dynamic Component Extension is more preferable to create all these required components

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You cannot create horizontal arrangement with kodular in built dynamic comoponent so use this extension

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Already said that :point_down:

Just to add that it is feasible


are you serious?)

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What you want to say

In your case the horizontal arrangment is the parent view and so whichever card view created in it will be aligned horizontally.

But in @h_habboubi’s case the parent is card view and so a horizontal arrangement is needed to align the components inside it horizontally

This is the difference