Vertical and Horizontal Arrangement, problems with dynamics

I’m having trouble aligning dynamic cardviews with Vertical and Horizontal Arrangement, in foreach as the arrangement doesn’t get an id, its construction is only done in the last item on the list

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you need to use for each number , and also search in community because there is a tutorial for that exist,
or read Docs.

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the situation is: a horizontal arrangement receiving two dynamic labels, a cardview receiving this arrangement, and this cardview going into a scrollable arrangement. when foreach \ foreachnumber does it only once, everything is ok, but when there is more than one item in the list, everything is recreated except the horizontal arrangement, it goes to the last position, receiving all labels for each item in the list.

I think this is because the arrangement is always the same, my question is whether you can align the dynamic and other dynamic labels within the dynamic cardview?

is horizontal arrangement is dynamic?

the kodular doesn’t have that option

so you need any extension for that, so you can do that dynamically because you cant add any arrangement to dynamic , you need arrangement also dynamic.


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