How to create dynamic card grid view

I tried, your method is working. but is it possible to create horizontal arrangements dynamically as per need? that means depending upon the number of card view to be created. 1 horizontal arrangement for 5 card views.

Yes, therefore you need to use extension.

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If you want it create such layout that you drawn on Paper, then use this guide by @nikzdreamer2001 and just need to do some changes. Like create on 5 cardview in each HA. It will help you.


@Maayur so do you think I need to do the guide?

Can u please show your logic with dynamic components extension…

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Thanks @Boban

I tried same method, :grinning: see my blocks in post1 but it is not fully dynamic and also not able to get respective id in each card view.

It’s your choice, but yes a specific guide for creating grid view dynamically, will be a good guide.

I will try but can’t promise anything, because Online Classes and Assignment :expressionless:

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First of all @Boban method will be so easy to make boxex of fixed size… and of 3 column too…

And if you cant to create is completely dynamically then you have to use my guide as @maayur suggested

and there i have provided every detail only you have to do some changes


Main logics are already given there

atleast give it a try

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@WatermelonIce I think u should made… Because we always welcome new things even it is present because u may have choosed some kinda different logic if yes then u should share your work

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Thanks @nikzdreamer2001 , but your method is little complicated. If doesn’t found other methods useful for my requirements then i will try yours.

@WatermelonIce 's logic works perfectly but need one more requirement, currently i am trying to achieve it.

If you want to make like this then i can provide aia
GridView.apk (5.0 MB)

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I have already make a full guide. But it takes so long to approve.



Please share.

GridView.aia (18.8 KB)

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its same as this guide

that @boban suggested,only thing you changed is that you have used 5 VA arrangement

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I don’t think this is what @The_K_Studio needed. You use a vertical arrangement instead of horizontal.

is there any preview so that we can help easily,

Do you need 5 card in each row with scrolling?

No this is created with dynamic component with different logic

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