How to create dynamic card grid view

GridView.aia (18.8 KB)

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its same as this guide

that @boban suggested,only thing you changed is that you have used 5 VA arrangement

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I don’t think this is what @The_K_Studio needed. You use a vertical arrangement instead of horizontal.

is there any preview so that we can help easily,

Do you need 5 card in each row with scrolling?

No this is created with dynamic component with different logic

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Finally, some staff approve my guide:

I believe it is Vishwas who approves my guide because once he is online my post immediately being approved.

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Yes, this is exactly as i want! :heart_eyes:

Thanks to all for your help.

@WatermelonIce your logic is also worked! Thanks to all again.

I am confused to whom reply should I make Solution :grinning:

But, that’s just… the exact same thing as this

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May be!! but it sound like that…

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