How to create dynamic card grid view


I want to create dynamic card grid view. If i decide to create 50 dynamic card views then how to create it dynamically in grid view by 5 card views horizontally (5 Columns) then remaining (5) in a new row like wise for 50 card view.

Each card view with a label and label text to respective card view number (id).

I searched about it but not found anything helpful, i tried with dynamic components extension, Kodular dynamic card view but not succeed…



I tried with lists and it worked

Just put all the arrangement in the list in ascending order
the ID is exactly what you want (tested with notifier and when dynamic card view clicked)

However, this is also the reason I don’t like the default dynamic component, because you have to manually put all the arrangement.
I can make one with extension by @yusufcihan, tell me if you want.


thanks for the blocks…


Will do, can I use this idea to make a guide too?

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Sure. this will be also helpful to others. spread the knowledge…

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I tried, your method is working. but is it possible to create horizontal arrangements dynamically as per need? that means depending upon the number of card view to be created. 1 horizontal arrangement for 5 card views.

Yes, therefore you need to use extension.

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If you want it create such layout that you drawn on Paper, then use this guide by @nikzdreamer2001 and just need to do some changes. Like create on 5 cardview in each HA. It will help you.


@themaayur so do you think I need to do the guide?

Can u please show your logic with dynamic components extension…

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Thanks @Boban

I tried same method, :grinning: see my blocks in post1 but it is not fully dynamic and also not able to get respective id in each card view.

It’s your choice, but yes a specific guide for creating grid view dynamically, will be a good guide.

I will try but can’t promise anything, because Online Classes and Assignment :expressionless:

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First of all @Boban method will be so easy to make boxex of fixed size… and of 3 column too…

And if you cant to create is completely dynamically then you have to use my guide as @themaayur suggested

and there i have provided every detail only you have to do some changes


Main logics are already given there

atleast give it a try

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@WatermelonIce I think u should made… Because we always welcome new things even it is present because u may have choosed some kinda different logic if yes then u should share your work

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Thanks @nikzdreamer2001 , but your method is little complicated. If doesn’t found other methods useful for my requirements then i will try yours.

@WatermelonIce 's logic works perfectly but need one more requirement, currently i am trying to achieve it.

If you want to make like this then i can provide aia
GridView.apk (5.0 MB)

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I have already make a full guide. But it takes so long to approve.



Please share.