How to create Dynamic list Dynamic item

I want to create Dynamic list in Dynamic HA As blewo

  1. I want to create Dynamic Category list in Dynamic Horizontal Arr [ For Exp.: Horizontal_Arr_1, Horizontal_Arr_2, Horizontal_Arr_3]

  2. It is not Fix that in every Horizontal Arr have fix item

For Exp. :

In Horizontal_Arr_1 [ have 3 item - Card_1, Card_2, Card_3]
in Horizontal_Arr_2, [ have 2 item - Card_A, Card_B]
in Horizontal_Arr_3, [ have 2 item - Card_X, Card_Y, Card_Z, Card_W]

> Remember I want Dynamic list in dynamic Horizontal arrangement

It can be easily done once we know the structure of your database. For example numbers of HSA? Will they be fixed or not ?

this is not fix, plz solve it i wil p

Solve what ? If we do not know the structure of your database how can we suggest a solution ?

I have category (a, b, c, …)

For every category using HA

And In every HA have content (z, x, c, v, …)

I think you want to create something like playstore
Because there we can Scroll Horizontaly too…
Am I right?

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please share your payment detail i donate for this

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

where found component name for dynamic component Name

By dragging each component that you want to use in blocks sections and use Do It you can find any components name for example

Otherwise you can use those blocks instead of text

this process take long time to create list so any other alternative solution

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