How to create educational app where teacher can add question or his video

How to create educational app where teacher can add question or his video

Make two apps one for teachers and other one for students and send data from one app to another

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A good quality app is more complex:

Teacher teaches some school subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry) and teaches in N classes.
Students study in one class and take N school subjects.
Questions have N answers and Answers belong to N questions. Questions
belong to a discipline, which has students and teachers.

and there’s so much more…


please share some aia

of an education app

Well, that is not a good one… first try to construct yourself. There is no another teacher than self learning. Create your style. Write algorithm… do multiple testing …

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no no i am making an app by my own i want ideas. if you have any design

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Friend, the point is not to give you an example.
An educational app or any other is too vast. The developer, thinking like an analyst, needs to define a scope.
Need to define what the app will execute: what routines will the app execute?
Need to define the screens where these routines will be executed …

UI Examples,


thank you @Rogerio_Rios

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The development of an educational application has many stages. It is worth studying the required functions and technologies, monetization models, and calculating the approximate cost. I advise you to study this guide, here we have collected all the basics of how to create an educational app