How to create extension for this?

step 1:- Download MyAds Moudule. Download here
i . Open your Android Application code.
ii . click on file -> New -> Import Module.
iii. Select the source directory (Path of MyAds library ). & Check Import check box.
iv . Change the Module name app: to myads. and Click on finish.

step 2:- In build.gradle (module:app) add dependency
implementation project(path: ':myads');

*Note : Repeate 3 and 4 step when you want to show ads on multiple Pages/Screens

step 3:- Add fragment in <-- activity_layout/fragment_layout–> .xml at bottom.

step 4:- Copy this MyAdsFragment.showAds(this,getSupportFragmentManager(),,7,3);
past in your Activity’s onCreate(); or in your Fragments onCreateView();

This is a question. I have to do this part in kodular then how.

Extension that are intended to remove commission from Kodular, such as ads extensions, are no more allowed to use. In case you use them, you won’t be able to compile your app. The worst case scenario might be you getting banned from using Kodular.


Then how should this code apply for commission to kodular.

I’m not sure if I understood you correct. What do you exactly mean?

I don’t think it’s possible that they can take commission from it if you have this extension that you wanna make, only because it’s not a component?