How to create filter

=> Gote value from Airtable

  1. Name (List)
  2. Logo (List)
  3. Category (Hindi, English, Urdu, Bangali) as list
  4. Special value like links

=> After got value from Airtable. then show in deep host custom design -1 list views.

I want :

after load list. then select any category from list picker (* List picker in category name)
Then in custom design -1 list views load data only select category.

need help

Hi @rajjangid911,
you can delete all the items in the custom design list view, after the user selected the category.And then run similar procedure like the one you run for creating the items.the only difference that before creating them you will add a if-then statement with something like this:
if select list item from your items categories is equal to get selection ( this is the category selected.Create your item.
BTW, we doesn’t recommend to use deep host’s extensions as he doesn’t support his extensions :slightly_smiling_face:

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What does it mean ? Just curious. Did he said himself not to use his extensions?

Thanks for clarifying

what if someone among us gets unable to answer about his posts due to death,disease or retirement. Will he be hated the same way even after contributing numerous extensions to community.

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plz bring to the point

plz bring to the point…

I made an #off-topic tag,blurred it.What can i make more? :roll_eyes:
Any way have you got your solution?:slightly_smiling_face:
See this.That was my actual answer. but i think you haven’t saw it :

Also don’t post multiple posts with the same content.
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