How to create function that's add images to whats app sticker section

Hey :blush: every body
I was thinking to make sticker app I know everything to make sticker app but if user download a particular sticker image from my app that’s automatically add to whats app sticker section. So that user can use my sticker.

Any idea about this how to add image in whatsapp sticker section

Thankyou !!!

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You need this extension. I try to buy this extension.i send message to the author of this extension to buy.but he doesn’t respose.

:neutral_face::neutral_face: without paid extension pls

Create one by yourself. :new_moon_with_face:

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I think that is not a very relevant answer

So tell me who’s gonna put their hard work without getting any rewards in return? :thinking:
There’s only two option left. Either create one extension by yourself or pay for the extension you want to use. :slight_smile:


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haha. okay. I will try not to give answers from now on. Peace! :slight_smile: :thumbsup: