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H Translator

Do you want to travel to another country and you don’t know the language? Are you translating a document and you don’t know what does each word mean?

This application is perfect to translate texts fast in your phone or tablet. With this online translator you won’t have communication problems.

-The interface is simple and stylish.
-The translations are done instantly.
-The application is totally free.
-Posibility to copy the translated text by using one button.
-You can translate from 200+ different languages.
-You can translate by using your voice.
-You can listen translations.

It’s a perfect translator from english to Urdu and also from English to Hindi, but it also has more languages like for example russian, french, german, italian , chinese, catalan and many others…

(You must have internet connection for the correct use of this application on Android).

Download link:

Can you provide me aia file .i want to add some more feature on it.

ok i will upload

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this is the real link… without the spams

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Is it allowed to use Google translate api for free & publish on Playstore. Will app not be banned or removed.

I think your App is against to the policies.

You can use Translate API in your apps to translate content but, You can’t make your own Translation App with Google’s API.

I suggest not to publish it !! As you don’t want your account terminated !!


By the way he is using Yandex Translate component.

Even then Yandex Translate API also don’t allow to make a TRANSLATION app with their API.

Send the link of the policy?