How to create history or notification

Hi Guys,

i have search in forum but nothing what i need.

i want to create history or notification activity when a user login to his page. Consider login page already done. database using airtable.

for example user halim has clock 3 times activity as per screen below and when he login to his page he will saw those 3 activity.

hope anyone can advice.

example apps

I can’t understand plz elaborate correctly :confused:

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I did not understand . The image you showed is already a historical one. What is missing ?

Probably he want to make something like Google Activity page where we can see/track our activities.

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Well, the basic principle of having a history is to record in a database the relevant information (id, date, time, action …)

Use the method get by column name() to get data of date n time or whichever columns you want then store the data in variables… The data part is done… For the output part either use the listviews available in kodular or use extensions like dynamic components or custom listview

yes that what i want to do.


initialize screen with column name. create variable as empty list then list view call variable?

after empty list, add store the values of the column then use listview… And please use correct username :thinking:

He explained the Algorithm to you.
Create an empty list
Get the value or values ​​you want
Insert in list
Show in listview