How to create In App Voice call feature?

Hello Koders,
I want to know that is there any way in which I can create in App calling feature. I don’t want to call from original dialler using Activity Starter.
It should be VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) call, done using internet like whatsapp voice call feature.
Thanks in advance…

I think for this both the phone (caller and receiver) must have your app…
But if you want to place a WhatsApp call from your app check out taifun’s website and check there extension, I hope it will work…

No it is not a Whatsapp call.
This call would be from and to my app only both on caller and receiver side.

i beliee a live app is not possible but a walki talki app is possible but i a not sure 100%

Hello @plang58,
So please can you tell me how to make Walky Talky app?

Use the Recorder and Player components along with a cloud storage component.

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It should work in real time like you talk on normal voice call. Not like record and send.

That is not how Walky Talkies work.
Push a button, “… over”, release the button. The other person can not record/send audio while the button is pressed.

Sorry for my mistake,
So there is no way to make VoIP in all calling

As of now, that’s true. Real-time voice or video calling is not an option.


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