How to create list from text

I have Json Parse Like this:
is there any way to convert these text to list?
because i want when index 1(12345678901) = textbox1 than i can use logic.

Please guide me

Show us your full json response

i am getting data from google sheet using GSAI2 free extension. And filter it using ListUtils extension.
Here are my sheet interface

Here are My blocks

Here are json response in mobile screen

Here are blocks to get a user data if contain number

But how can i select an item from filtered text ?

You are having list of lists… in the first post your result shows 4items in list 1. So better use select list item list block two times

and also if i use index in list block in “filterWithTitle” result procedure than i got error java of listutils but if i use contains text than i can’t able to get proper results because contains block also show if number = and grater than given number

Thanks you solved my problem thanks again :heart:

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